Aquatics Team Receives Gold International Aquatics Safety Award

Some of the Aquatics team members from left to right: Olivia S., Olivia H., Oliver M., Jared D., Bradon G., Troy W., Eva G., Emma B., and Valeria F.

We’d like to take a moment to recognize the great team members who make up our amazing Aquatics Department. They recently received the “Gold International Aquatic Safety Award” from Jeff Ellis & Associates. This is the company that provides the lifeguard training, certification, and operational support services to our resort as well as 800+ aquatic facilities located in 40 countries around the world.

According to Jeff Ellis and Associates, this gold safety award is significant for aquatics facilities as it ensures they are operating in compliance with the highest safety standards. Achieving this award provides reassurance to clients, families, and companies that the facility is well-equipped to respond to emergencies and ensure the safety of swimmers.

Since the Wilderness opened its doors in 2008, all of our aquatics team members have participated in Jeff Ellis and Associates award-winning aquatics operations education and training programs to become a licensed lifeguard.

This means every person goes through extensive lifeguard, first-aid and CPR/AED training before being allowed to work as a lifeguard at our resort.

Certificates are valid for one year and then recertification is required. Each lifeguard is also required to attend four hours in-service training monthly, conducted by our resort Aquatics Department that are licensed lifeguard instructors through Jeff Ellis & Associates.

Congratulations again to our team for making safety a priority for all of our guests.