Phase 2 of Construction Project: Indoor/Outdoor Hot Spa Coming Soon!

We’ve got some exciting news for our loyal guests! We heard your heartfelt requests, and we’re incorporating them into Phase 2 of our massive construction project that is in honor of our 15th anniversary!

In this next phase, we’re taking the Snapping Turtle Indoor/Outdoor Play Lagoon area and completely renovating to make sure we continue to exceed our guests’ expectations!

This area will soon be home to a new indoor/outdoor hot spa that will seat the same number of guests as Magnolia Grove did. It will include 25-feet of benches inside for people to relax on and 45-feet of benches outside. The water will be heated to a pleasant 101 degrees, and there will be plenty of jets releasing water so guests can unwind, relax their achy back and leg muscles, and fully enjoy their vacations.

For those of you who prefer a little action, you will be happy to know that we aren’t getting rid of the current Snapping Turtle play lagoon concept entirely. Next to the new indoor/outdoor hot spa we will be building a new 1,055-square-foot activity pool complete with a three-sided basketball feature in the outside area to “hoop it up” with your friends!

And we saved the best news for last…construction on Phase 2 is starting on this right away so it will all be completed in time for fall break! Here’s to our loyal guests. We love you and want you to come on back to see us soon!

November 1 Update: The project is completed and open for fun!