Wild WaterDome Indoor Waterpark at River Lodge


Open Year Round!

Bring your sunscreen! The Wild WaterDome 66,000 square foot indoor waterpark, located at River Lodge, features a see-through-roof that bathes the entire park in natural light and actually allows guests to tan (and tropical plants to flourish) all year long!

The Wild WaterDome is also home to the Storm Chaser thrill ride, Great Wave wave pool, Smokies Surf Rider, Trail Twisters Tube Slides, Runaway Canyon family thrill slide and Washout Mountain play and spray structure.  Our Snapping Turtle Activity Pool is the perfect place to beat the heat, play some water basketball or just take a swim.  The Flying Squirrel Shallow Activity Pool is the perfect place for our smaller guests to enjoy the water.  With bouncy seats, a mini-sized soft play slide and a mini squirrel house that is a smaller version of our big kid bucket dumps.  So much fun!


Storm Chaser Thrill Ride

A scream-tastic waterslide that gives its riders a hair-raising experience! Four guests plummet 55 feet down a thrilling, dark tunnel ride before dropping through a zero gravity fall into a funnel where they experience several fast oscillations before splashing into a pool below.  Are you ready to get caught up in the Storm?

Height – Minimum of 48″ to ride / Weight – Max 700 lbs / Min 200lbs (2-4 Riders)


The Great Wave

The Great Wave wavepool is 10,000 square feet of rolling wave fun! Frolic in the ocean-like waves or sit on the “shore” and let the waves tickle your toes. Great fun for all ages and coast guard approved life jackets are available on a first come first serve basis.

Smokies Surf Rider

19,000 gallons of water each minute flow under you to create a five-foot ocean-like wave on this exciting attraction. Wilderness brings body surfing at the beach to the mountains. The Smokies Surf Rider is one experience that will never be the same twice!  Standing on the Surf Rider is not permitted.


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Height – Minimum of 42″ to body surf

Trail Twisters Tube Slide

Race down the dueling pipeline filled with twists and turns in a single or double tube. Photo memories are created when you watch your children splash down and get totally wet when exiting one of the exciting Trail Twisters Tube Slides located in the Wild WaterDome!

Height – Minimum of 42″ w/adult or 48″ alone to ride / Weight – Max 250 lbs

Runaway Canyon

The Runaway Canyon is a five-story-high family raft ride inside the Wild WaterDome indoor waterpark. Prepare to rocket through 450 feet of gargantuan tunnels and explosive turns! Runaway Canyon will be one family memory you’ll never forget!

Height – Minimum of 42″ w/adult or 48″ alone to ride / Weight – Max 800 lbs Min 200 lbs (2-5 Riders)

Washout Mountain

Located inside the Wild WaterDome, Washout Mountain is a multi-leveled water play feature that is open for fun all year round!

Two slides and lots of spraying water features soak you in fun! Kids will rush to find the best splash-down area under the enormous tipping bucket when the warning bell rings.