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Our Wild WaterDome is About to Get Bigger!

We’re super excited to announce that in honor of our 15th anniversary which we will be celebrating in 2023, we have started a 40,000 square foot expansion of our Wild WaterDome.

The expansion will include:

Ridge Runner, a three-story water coaster which will feature three steep drops, uphill blasts, high speeds and the premier of the world’s first slide with Reverse AquaLucent effects with colorful, spellbinding patterns. These special tubes will also allow light to filter through, adding brightness to the Wild WaterDome.

According to Pete, our Managing Director, “This water coaster is guaranteed to be amazing! To get riders’ adrenaline pumping, the water coaster begins with a heart-pounding 22-foot drop at 29 mph before propelling the riders up into a right hairpin turn inside the first Reverse AquaLucent section. A second drop will follow into an open flume, followed by an uphill blast into a sharp left turn inside another Reverse AquaLucent tube with different patterns. For thrill’s sake, the coaster will repeat a third time into a final set of patterns inside another Reverse AquaLucent tube. To round out the sensations, riders will loop through a dark tube before finishing in an open flume.”

The waterpark expansion will also include Kaleidoscope Kavern Lazy River, featuring a fully-immersive tunnel adventure complete with LED color changing kaleidoscope lighting, mirrors and projections that will captivate your imagination.

Finally, the resort will be taking advantage of the waterpark’s expanded rooftop by adding Lookout Lagoon, a roof top pool with a glass edge. This area will also be home to the Peak Rooftop Bar and Eatery, three rooftop cabanas and entertainment stage area. For convenience, an elevator will transport guests to and from this area.

Pete adds that per guest’s requests, the resort will be adding 600 seats to the waterpark, six additional cabanas on the mezzanine level of the waterpark and nine additional on the main level.

The anticipated completion of this expansion near the end of this year. Watch our blog for other developments in the works!