Visiting Zoo Knoxville Just Got Even Better

If your family loves animals, Zoo Knoxville, less than an hour away from our resort, is definitely worth visiting while you are in the Smokies!

When you purchase a Zoo Knoxville admission ticket on the back side of it is a $5 coupon off a Wilderness at the Smokies day pass or Soaky Mountain Waterpark daily admission ticket so be sure to hang onto your ticket!

Zoo Knoxville offers wildly fun experiences that educate and inspire, and while helping to save animals from extinction. In fact, Zoo Knoxville has the distinction of having bred the first two African elephants born in the Western Hemisphere in 1978. And, today the zoo has bred more endangered red pandas than any other zoo in the world! Plus, they are a leader in the breeding of endangered tortoises –pretty impressive, right?!

At Zoo Knoxville, you can come face to face with critically endangered Malayan tigers, have an up-close encounter red pandas, gibbons and langurs, and enjoy scaly, slithering creatures including their Cuban crocodiles named Rose and Miguel. Plus, there are bears, chimps, otters and so many animals from around the world to check out!

There’s also a special exhibit: Planet Predator running this May through October. It will teach guests how predators like the Megalodon, Terror Bird, and Saber Tooth Tiger helped (and continue to help) balance our ecosystem and play an important role in the circle of life!

Finally, if you are going to Zoo Knoxville, plan to check out your favorite animal at their ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS! These are daily unique, up-close experiences with animals and zookeeper staff. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about the zoo’s animals, including their names, personality traits, natural history and how Zoo Knoxville ensures they are happy and thriving. The daily schedule is: 10 am Sloths in the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Center building; 11 am Otters at Otter Creek; 1 pm Gorillas at Gorilla Valley or Chimps at Chimp Ridge; 2 pm Lions or Baboons at Valley of the Kings; 3 pm Tigers, Lagurs or Gibbons at the Asian Trek; and 2:30 on Sunday only Cuban Crocodiles feeding in the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Center building).

The zoo is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. For more information on Zoo Knoxville and tickets visit visit: