More on Our New Kaleidoscope Kavern Lazy River

In our last blog about our fabulous waterpark expansion, we talked briefly about our new Kaleidoscope Kavern Lazy River, created in collaboration with Moment Factory.

Visitors to the Smoky Mountain region are pretty familiar with Moment Factory already because they are the company that dreamt up Astra Lumina, the Enchanted Night walk at Anakeesta. And, we’re not kidding when we say we think they have some of the best creative minds in the world! That’s also why we are so excited for guests to see what they’ve created for our waterpark!

When guests float down our new Kaleidoscope Kavern Lazy River, they will enter a unique tunnel where they will be surrounded by a dreamlike universe made of beautiful projections, dynamic lighting and nature sounds inspired by not only the Smoky Mountain region but also our magical planet.

According to Pete Tennis, our Managing Director, “There are actually nine ‘themes’ in this immersive journey that guests can experience. Some are more realistic and others are fantasy. They include the sight of dancing fireflies; the changing seasons; the sound of water; chromatic currents; the evolving cycle of life; and my personal favorite, Aurora + Aqua Borealis, where the worlds of water and sky collide as if you are dreaming.

“This is literally a one-of-a-kind lazy river that was created specifically for our resort. The lights and mesmerizing patterns are projected upon the tunnel’s walls, the tubes and even the guest’s bodies, and then when you combine it with the sounds of nature, it really makes this immersive experience an incredible odyssey. I can’t wait for everyone to experience it.”

Our thanks to Moment Factory for the great pictures.